You, Your Dog and a Frisbee

September 30, 2020 2 min read

We all know how much fun having a faithful companion can be. One of the key components to Dog ownership though is staying active with your pet! Getting out of your house with your dog during your downtime can not only be much needed activity time for your pet, but also also extremely rewarding for yourself. So here are some of my favorite weekend dog activities with the added bonus of being free!

The 1st thing I highly recommend to all dog owners is to find out where there local dog park is. Most Urban or Suburban towns now have them usually in conjunction with the general park for kids and adults of all ages. It's a great place for your dog to play and interact with all kinds of other dogs as well as a place for you to meet and chat with other dog owners. I know they recently built a new dog park near where I live, and my boxer Roxi and I always have a fun time when we go!

I'd also advise bringing along a Frisbee. Throwing a Frisbee has provided hours upon hours of free park fun for my brother's two Weimaraners. It gives them a chance to really stretch their legs and you get a free work out throwing the disc all day!

My family also loves to bring our dogs anytime we go near water. Heading to the beach for a summer vacation or to the lake for a fun day? Take your dog with you! You'll be amazed how much fun your dog will get into around water. I know all of our pets have really enjoyed it.

There are countless ways in which you and your dog can spend enjoyable free time. So next time you think to go out and have fun next weekend don't forget to bring your dog with you!

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