Healthy Teeth in Dogs

September 30, 2020 2 min read

More often than not, pet owners do not really put much thought into the dental hygiene of their beloved pet dogs. Brush their teeth maybe a few times a week and thats it. Its a common misconception that dogs naturally have bad breath. Few owners do not brush their teeth enough, nor do they really put much thought on the kind of chew toys they give to them. Dental care and hygiene should actually start as early as possible doing so is more beneficial than what many pet owners would imagine.

The most important benefit of having a healthy set of teeth is that it will prevent your dog from getting serious dental conditions. Halitosis, gingivitis, periodontal diseases and the like can be easily prevented. Bacteria from plaque build-up will cause tartar which can lead to loss of teeth and bleeding gums. In more severe cases, it can even affect your dogs heart and kidneys.

Choose chew toys wisely. Bones, old shoes and other synthetic materials might actually be more harmful for your dogs teeth. Look for chew toys that are made from natural materials such as those made from antlers. These are actually a healthier and safer alternative since they not only aid in keeping your dogs teeth clean, they can actually provide minerals such as protein for your dogs, too.

Of course, keeping a regular dental routine will keep your dogs from getting bad breath. Dental care should begin as early as possible, so that your dogs will be used to having dental check-ups and brushed teeth. When puppies are around six months of age, their deciduous teeth typically start falling out and by this time, tooth brushing should already be part of their regular routine. Choose a tooth brush and tooth paste intended for your pets. Doing otherwise can lead to them getting sick. Professional teeth cleaning might be needed from time to time so make sure you do regular dental vet check-ups, too.

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