New Antler Dog Chews Added

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Perfect Pet Chews is proud to offer an all-natural product that will assist you in giving your canine the safe, perfect dog chew. The abundant wildlife of North America provides the ingredient for this all-natural dog chew. Made from deer antlers, elk antlers, and moose antlers, the advantages of dog chews made from this substance are many. Your dog needs to chew, desires to chew, and, ultimately, will chew on something. You now have the opportunity to give him something you feel comfortable with him chewing.

Deer antlers, elk antlers, and moose antlers exist in abundance and are easily harvested. Similar to bone, these antlers are nearly unbreakable for a dog and do not splinter as do skeletal bones like chicken or turkey. These chews will last much longer than other natural canine chews on the market today. The peace of mind for your pets safety is of huge importance when choosing our product. Added to the safety of our dog chews, the nutritional value of Perfect Pet Chews is another bonus. Naturally rich with an assortment of minerals that will be healthy for your pet, these antlers are not altered with dyes, preservatives, or chemicals. These chews are all-natural treats made from deer antlers, moose antlers, and elk antlers native to North America. Made from the antlers just as they are found in the wild, your canine will love the flavor and benefit from the minerals that they contain. Even though they are extremely flavorful, they also are practically without odor to humans, but they certainly have a tempting scent for your pet.

Because we utilize three different types of animals antlers, there are slight differences in the makeup of the treats. Your pet will be sure to determine his favorite. The odor detectable to your canine is somewhat different for each, but all three varieties are healthy alternatives to the processed treats and filler-laden chews normally sold in stores.

Because we realize that everyones choice in the size or breed of a pet is vastly unique, we have created sixteen types of treats designed for the smallest breed to breeds that consistently exceed one hundred pounds. Your dogs health and vitality is especially important to you, and we take that fact very seriously. We realize that providing a healthy, all-natural chew treat is somewhat of a novelty, but we believe it is that important to dog lovers everywhere.

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