Why Your Puppy Needs To Chew

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Puppies have a natural need to chew on things. The first thing you need to realize is that your puppy is going to be teething for about the first year or so of their life. And just like a human baby they are going to need do things that bring relief to their gums as the teeth work their way out and the new ones work their way through.

A puppy is going to also explore its world. Puppies do not have hands and it is natural to for them to explore their world with their mouths. In order to make sure that your puppy does not develop bad chewing habits you will want to make sure that they are redirected to their chew toys every time they chew on something that you do not want them to have. Do not let them have things like old socks, shoes, or plastic. These things can bind up in their stomachs if they accidentally eat them.

So what kind of chew toys does your puppy need? Most people go with chew sticks. However, there have been studies that these kinds of chew toys turn sort of glue like. Just like the plastics and socks it can in some cases cause blockages.

Other things that you can give to your puppy are rawhide. These can be great toys, but they do not last long and have to be replaced pretty quickly. It can also cause a desire in your pup to want to chew on leather, so if you choose this, make sure to protect any shoes or furniture from your puppy till it knows better.

Bones are the most natural chew toy of any puppy or dog. One of the reasons that these make great chewing surfaces is that they are very strong. They also have ridges and knobs and different areas and angles for the puppy to chew that is very important during teething.

Avoid using softer bones like chicken or turkey with your puppies and dogs. The bones are designed to be very light, therefore they splinter very easily. This can cause your dog or puppy to choke to death very quickly.

A cow thigh bone is good, and it has some benefits. It will not last long either, at some point your puppy will eat it. However, you want to be careful. Make sure that the bones do not have any additives or chemicals. These treatments are not really good for your puppy.

One of the best bones you can give your dog is antler. These bones do not have a hollow center, they have plenty of ridges and make great surface for your pup. And they last for a really long time. The fact that they are a solid bone makes them much harder to eat. Saving you money down the road.

Whatever you decide is right for your puppy, make sure to start off their chew training right. It will save you money down the road, will make your puppy happy, and will help to make for a good pet experience for the entire family.

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