Why do dogs need chew toys?

September 30, 2020 1 min read

Everyone knows dogs love to chew. And they will chew anything they can fit their mouths around if you let them. Chew toys are needed so that lonely, bored, or anxious dogs can get the relief they need without ripping your home to shreds.

From the very beginning you need to acquaint your dog with the things that are okay for them to chew. Giving your dog old shoes or clothing to chew simply won't do. To a dog, a shoe is a shoe. They'll think all shoes and clothing are okay to chew. Also, giving them an object that isn't meant for chewing may be dangerous since they pieces can break off and become lodged in their throats.

A good chew toy is safe for dogs to chew and should be able to withstand lots of abuse from your dog.

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