Understanding Your Puppy's Distructive Chewing Habits

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Having a new puppy is an exciting experience. Until you come home from work to find your house or apartment torn apart. It only takes a  few hours for your curious little friend to destroy furniture, shoes and clothing.

This is often a challenge to dog owners and can become a cause of constant stress, and may ultimately lead to ill will from some family members toward your new buddy. That's why it's important that pet owners must resolve the problem immediately.

Understanding the reason for a dog's chewing habits can also help improve your response to your puppy's behavior. The following are few reasons why pets chew on random -- often weird -- household items and some insight into how to resolve the situation.

The main reason that dogs would chew is a result of their natural instincts. This can often occur as the result of teething and sore gums. Pet owners are able to resolve this situation by rerouting your puppy's interest to a pet chew instead of a pillow or shoe.

Leaving your dog alone too long can be another reason that a dog may decide to chew. The dog may not have an item to play with and will find that shoes are an enjoyable distraction. This can be curtailed by training your dog to chew only on the chew toy instead of other items within their home. The training can begin by requiring the dog to have a chew toy in their mouth when the pet owner arrives home. During the initial training, the pet owner will have to place the chew toy in the dog's mouth prior to greeting the puppy. The puppy will eventually begin to realize that he will not be greeted until he has the chew toy in his mouth.

Puppies are energetic and have a boundless amount of energy. The destructive habits of chewing may be the result of not having enough exercise. It is vital for a dog to have enough exercise and play time to release their energy. Exercise can include walking, running or jumping in order to ensure that the dog focuses on the chew toy instead of household items.

Having a few chew toys around can help curtail this behavior. Our natural dog chews are long lasting and provide an excellent distraction for even the most energetic puppy throughout the day and can even provide your pup with necessary nutrients.

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