Antler Chews for Man's Best Friend

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Dogs are a man's best friend, so why not treat them as such? As pet owners, we have an obligation to our furry friends to keep them happy, healthy and above all, safe. The best ways to keep your pets happy is to show them lots of love and affection. We can keep them healthy through regular trips to the vet, providing them with a diet of rich, nutritious foods and encouraging them to exercise. Walking your dog, tossing a ball around or playing a friendly game of Frisbee are great ways for your dog to get in plenty of healthy exercise. It is essential for the well being of our pets to keep them safe from harms-way. There are several ways we can ensure our pets safety. Just like small children, dogs will try to get into household chemicals that could be potentially hazardous to their health. Putting up fences in our yards will help ensure us that our pets are safe from any oncoming traffic that could result in disaster. Of course we can also keep are pets safe by providing them with safe things to chew on.

Since it is a dog's natural instinct to chew things, especially things they shouldn't, the best way to prevent holes in our socks and the heels on our shoes is to provide them with other things to chew on. Antlers are a great discovery in our quest to provide natural ways for our dogs to both enhance and protect their bones and teeth. Unlike other bones, antlers won't splinter or break apart while a dog chews them. Deer, elk and moose antlers are much stronger, way more durable and almost impossible to break at all. Antlers are bone, but they are solid all the way through, where as skeletal bones have a soft center. The solidity of deer, elk and moose antlers make it possible for us to supply our pets with much longer lasting enjoyment. Fortunately for our pets, antlers do not contain dyes or preservatives, just lots of calcium for our beloved friends! Finally, there is no odor to them, at least none that we can smell anyway. With all these benefits we should all give antler dog chews a try!

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