Curbing Your Dog's Desire to Chew

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Dogs, regardless of size or breed, have an insatiable desire to chew. They chew on everything. Owners spend thousands of dollars each year finding the perfect chew toy. However, there are few toys that can endure the test of the canine crunch. Nature provides a simple solution that may surprise many owners. Antlers from male deer, elk and moose are the perfect solution. They are solid bone and are constantly shed by these majestic animals.

Perfect Pet Chews recycles natures chew toy into the perfect pacifier for dogs of all size. These chew toys are natural and do not require artificial chemicals and colors. Scents unique to deer, elk and moose provide a natural attraction to all breeds. Owners may find their pets have a natural affinity to one type of chew toy over the other. Solid bone structures make antler chew toys durable, saving the owner money and protecting the pet from standard bone matter that easily breaks and splinters.

Antler chew toys are made according to pet size. They are cut and designed with flat or rounded edges to ensure safety. Owners can view photos that measure basic dimensions of the antler chew toy. Owners may purchase single chew toys or economical variety packs. Perfect Pet Chews also provides owners with rope chew toys that can be hung or used for variety of friendly games.

Antler chew toys are excellent for overall oral health of any dog. Bone surfaces constantly scrape plaque and other harmful substances from teeth while providing rich calcium for strong teeth and bones. Dog owners can also purchase healthy antler burrs for dogs with powerful bites. The burr is the portion of the antler that attaches to the skull. It supports the weight of the antler and is very strong. Antler burrs are cut, smoothed and shaped to provide safety and rich nutrients for dogs as they enjoy their favorite pastime. Environmental awareness has caused many people to seek natural alternatives to many artificial solutions. Perfect Pet Chews are manufactured by nature, biodegradable, cost less over time and are a healthy alternative for our four legged friends.

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