Elk Antler Chews Are Perfect For All Dogs

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Why do dogs chew?

We know it keeps them busy, so that is our motivation to give our dogs bones to chew. Dogs chew because it is thought to release endorphins in their brains that make the act of chewing an enjoyable experience. We must be careful what kind of bones we give our dogs. Bones from the meat that is part of our diet are not suitable for dogs. Bones from animals can splinter, and even if they do not, they can become infested with dangerous E. coli bacteria. Canines do not know that eating large pieces of bone will injure them too. Dogs should be supervised as much as possible when chewing bones.

Why elk antlers?

Elk antlers are natural, long lasting chews that dogs love. These chews can keep them busy for days because the dogs are able to gnaw on the chews and are unable to break or splinter them. Elk antlers are the strongest chew available. Other chews can splinter and break into large pieces that could choke a dog. Elk Antlers won't splinter.

Naturally shed

Elk antlers are shed naturally from the body of an elk. The elk grows new antlers every year. The old antlers are shed to make way for the new. The old antlers are the chews given to dogs. They are full of natural minerals, like calcium, that a dog needs for healthy teeth and bones.

We take pride in providing elk antlers for your dog. They provide essential calcium that dogs need. The chew will also keep the teeth healthy by removing plaque and keeping the teeth strong. All dogs whether big or small need something to chew. The small elk antler dog chew is perfect for smaller dogs. The edges are sanded smooth so that the dog can safely chew and gnaw happily at the bones without injury.

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