Fun, Free Activities for Happy Dogs -- and Dog owners

September 30, 2020 2 min read

There are many great free fun pet activities that dog owners can enjoy with your specials friend. Not only are there activities for dogs, but also classes for dogs and their owners. So what is it that a dog and its owner can do to have fun that also doesn't cost any money?

Well first, there are popular games for dogs and their owners. For dog owners and their dogs, the most popular games are Frisbee throwing (and retrieving), follow the leader, hide and seek, tug of war and hide and find the treat. It is because dogs are so easy to please, that any of these games can be fun for owner and dog alike.

Next, the dog owner can always teach his pet some dog tricks. For one thing, dogs love to do new tricks, while the dog owner can naturally be proud to show that his dog has some intelligence.

Another idea for the dog owner would be working on obedience skills. Even if the dog has previously taken obedience classes, there is always room for improvement. Thats why a refresher course is always welcome. A practiced obedience move by many dog owners - is off-leash heeling, which is a good activity to have around the house. If the dog owner is interested in having his dog play on an agility course, one can be made at no cost. Some of the parts of an agility course include chairs, blankets, a broomstick and hula hoop. In constructing the agility course, take two chairs and put them a few feet apart; next, take the chairs and blankets and make a tunnel for the dog to run through. Lastly, use the hula hoop as a jump through for the dog.

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