A Blog about Antler Burr Dog Chews

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Imagine a dog chew that your dog loves, and you love too. Imagine a safe dog chew that is found in Nature. Where in Nature are these chews found? They are found on the forest floor where deer, elk and moose shed their antlers every spring. Wolves love to chew on this natural bounty from Nature and so will your dog. These antler burr chews are formed from the root portion of the antler that grows from the animals skull. This is the strongest part of the antler and therefore the least likely part to splinter or crumble. The dog chew is fashioned by cutting the antler burr into sections. The cut part is sanded so it wont be rough on your dogs mouth. These antler burr chews are rich in minerals and other nutrients and have a marrow center that your dog will love.

They are especially good for a vigorous chewer who completely consumes other types of dog chews. Antler burr chews are also wonderful for easing the boredom that your dog or puppy can experience when you are gone from home. You will never regret giving your precious pup this delightful natural chew because of gooey stains that ruin your rug and furniture. They contain nothing artificial and wont upset your dogs stomach like rawhides. When you see your dogs joy over this wonder natural dog chew cut from naturally shed antler burrs, youll be certain that he or she never runs out. There is a size of antler burr dog chew for every size of dog. Although antler chews are among the safest, most nourishing and long lasting dog chew, we do recommend that you consult your dogs veterinarian because he or she knows your pets needs.

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