The Unlikely Healthy Alternative in Pet Chews

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Here at Perfect Pet Chews, we've got the ultimate pet toys, made from an unlikely material: antlers. Every year across North America, male deer, elk and moose shed their antlers as they grow. Unlike other kinds of bone, which have a soft or hollow center, antlers are solid bone all the way through. This means that they can be made into chew toys that last much longer than ones made from regular bone, rubber, or plastic. An antler pet chew can last a very long time and provides several benefits.

Antler dog toys are all natural. They don't have the chemicals or preservatives other dog bones use to be more durable and last longer. Nor are they dyed to make them more attractive and appealing. They are also odorless, at least to us humans. They leave no smell to bother the human nose, but we think/hope they appeal to the ever keen canine sense of smell. Like all bones, they are an excellent source of calcium and minerals to ensure your pets overall health and well being.

We carry three kinds of antlers: deer, moose and elk. There are minor differences between them, but the main difference it how your pet reacts to them. They may like how one smells or tastes compared to the other. We also have sixteen kinds of dog chews ranging from miniature ones for small dogs to mega sized chews for larger dogs. We have chew for every kind of dog!

And its not just dogs that benefit from antler pet toys either. They are rather useful to give to rodents. Mice, rabbits, hamsters and chinchillas NEED to chew something often. You see, rodents teeth don't stop growing at a certain age like many animals. Their teeth continue to grow as long as they live. This is why they chew on things that aren't food. They need to so their teeth don't get too big so they can't eat and hurt them. Our rodent rounds and bunny bites give them something to gnaw on for a good long while, keeping their teeth at a good size, helping them pass the time, and keeping them from nibbling on things they shouldn't.

We also offer bird toys. Your feathered friends can get bored easily, even if you keep them out of a cage. This can lead to them causing mischief even if they don't intend to. Antler bird toys will give them something to help keep them busy. And since antler toys are sturdier than ones made from plastic, it can last them a long time.

Every year, countless antlers are shed so that bigger ones can grow on the heads of deer, elk and moose. We here at Perfect Pet Chew realized their potential and saw long lasting, all natural pet toys just lying on the forest floor. So we set out to make the most of them.

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