Why Choose Antler Pet Chews?

September 30, 2020 2 min read

All dogs enjoy chewing on things. It could be your slippers, or a big rawhide bone drenched in some meaty smelling product that will ruin your carpet. Some dogs are content simply to chew on fallen limbs or the occasional artificially scented plastic treat.

Most dogs will not get a treat like a big sturdy beef rib to gnaw on every day. And most store bought chews do not last very long at all, or smell so artificial that dogs will ignore them completely. However, there is another option, antlers.

Antler is the external bone from animals like deer, elk, or moose. Antlers are very strong, very sturdy, and last a very long time even with large breeds gnawing on them. Unlike skeletal bone, antlers are solid. This means that even large breeds of dog will not be able to crush the chew, and leave splinters of bone hidden in the carpet. They have no strong discernible scent for humans to notice, yet your dogs much more sensitive nose will find it instantly attractive. Some pets will enjoy chews made from different species than others, and that is natural.

Antler chews, being solid bone, are also naturally rich in calcium and other minerals. Unlike artificial chew toys that are of strong petrochemical odor and dubious origin. While not having the advantage of being recyclable, Antler chews are much better for your pet's overall health. They are not processed with any chemicals that can pollute your pet's body.

As your pet chews the antler, the bony composition of the chew will help to clean your dog's teeth. This will not only help keep your pets teeth white and clean, the cleaner teeth will help keep doggy breath to a minimum. When your dog has a cleaner mouth, and a chew toy that has no offensive odors, getting licked when you return home from work is no longer such an annoyance.

One would expect that a product with so many advantages would be more expensive. However, antler chews are priced very competitively. They also come in a variety of sizes perfect for any breed.

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