Split Elk Antler Dog Chews

September 30, 2020 2 min read

As seems to be the case with everything surrounding antler dog chews, there are different schools of thought with respect to giving split elk antlers to dogs.  In our experience, split antlers are a wonderful option for many dogs.  However, as with any consumable product it is imperative to choose the correct size and ALWAYS supervise your pet. 

The appeal of antlers is the scent/flavor of the calcified bone marrow center.  The challenge is in getting through the hard exterior to access the yummy inside.  By splitting the antler, we in essence, eliminate the work.  With that in mind, it seems apparent that split antlers should never be given to aggressive chewers.  Most pet owners find that once the center is gone, dogs lose interest and an aggressive chewer can eat the marrow out in a matter of hours.  If you have an aggressive chewer at home, our whole elk antlers for dogs are ideal as the hard exterior keeps them challenged for extended periods of time.

An instance where split antler dog chews are great would be elderly dogs who need something to stimulate them.  Split elk antlers for dogs are also perfect for teething puppies who want to chew but lose interest quickly.  When presented with a whole antler there is the possibility that they will get distracted and move on to other activities without ever getting to the tasty center.  Finally, if you have offered an antler bone to your dog and they appear uninterested, investing in a split elk antler may allow them to get a taste of the calcified bone marrow so they can understand the reward for working through the exterior.

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