Antlers! Nature's Perfect Pet Chew Toy

September 30, 2020 2 min read

You and your pets get tired of playing with the same old chew toy time and time again. The plastic and rubber chews do not last very long and the excitement for your pet wears off very quickly.

Finding the perfect chew toy for your pet means finding something that will hold their interest for a long time and engage their natural curiosity and instincts. Bones are short lived toys and the synthetic substitutes for these kind of toys typically have all kind of unnatural additives. Antler dog chews are the perfect solution for all of these issues. An Antler Dog chew is the perfect long-lasting toy for you dog or puppy.

Millions of deer, elk, and moose shed their antlers naturally in the United States every year. Thought technically a bone, antlers lack the soft center present in most bones. Antlers are solid all the way through and will not break or splinter, making it the longest lasting dog chew on the market today.

Because it is bone your pet gets the benefits of calcium and minerals that will enhance their health overall. Containing iron, sodium, and magnesium and almost fifty percent water, your dog's physiology will get a definite boost. Antler chews are not processed or enhanced in any way. They come from nature directly to you and your pet.

Unlike bones and other dog chews that begin to develop an odor over time, antlers are virtually odorless. Though us humans smell nothing, the finely honed nose of a dog picks up on the appealing scent right away, making it a chew toy they are sure to love! Antler chews can come from either deer, elk, or the moose. Each species has a particular chemical make-up and one is likely to be a favorite to your pet over all the others.

Dog owners and veterinarians have also cited the fact that antler chew toys nearly eliminate the need to brush your pet's teeth. The natural chewing action and friction do a wonderful job of removing harmful bacteria that can lead to oral problems in your pet. Antler chews come in a variety of sizes to make it perfect for the for your companion no matter what their stature.

Sixteen different sizes of antler dog chews allow you to find the one that is perfect for any dog, whether they be a miniature or a dog of over one hundred pounds.

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