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Large Split Elk Antler Dog Chew

Elk antler splits are the perfect chew for your non-aggressive chewer. The center of an elk antler is more porous than deer antler, and allows your dog to more easily get a taste of the flavorful center. Elk antler chews are completely odorless and are an excellent source of calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients. These long-lasting elk chews are the strongest chew available, and will not splinter or break into large, dangerous pieces. 

  • Measures 5" around the curve and is ideal for dogs 20-30 lbs
  • Loaded with calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients
  • Naturally shed from North American elk
  • No dyes, preservatives, or chemicals
  • All edges sanded smooth
  • Made in the USA

Antler chews are the single greatest tool in your arsenal of dog chew toys due to their low cost, reliability, and the overall healthiness they instill within man's best friend.

CAUTION:  Split antler dog chews are not recommended for aggressive chewers.

Customer Reviews

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Great chew!

Both my lab and corgi puppy are avid chewers and love the split antlers.

My lab dog loves it

My lab dog loves it

Great price for quality antler!

While my puppy got the center out of this antler rather quickly (this is her first antler so we weren’t sure if she’d be interested in them), I was very impressed by the size and quality of this antler for the price. We’ve been ordering from you guys for almost 2 years now and have yet to be disappointed! By far the most reasonably priced antlers high quality antlers I’ve found. They are the only thing that stands a chance against my heavy chewers and last for months! We usually order large deer antlers, but for our puppy we wanted something a little softer and easier for her to get into which is why we went with the split elk. Overall 10/10, I cannot say enough great things about this company and their products.

Owner/Dog Trainer

The elk antler has a softer marrow and won't chip or wear down teeth so quickly. Excellent delivery service, I think it took one day.

Good quality

It was a nice piece of bone the marrow went pretty fast. It was quite heavy for her but she loved it.