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Large Antler Dog Chew Assortment

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The Large Antler Dog Chew Assortment includes: 1 Large Elk Chew, 1 Large Moose Chew, and 1 Large Deer Chew

  • Each measures 7-10" around the curve and is ideal for dogs 40-70 lbs
  • Naturally shed from North American deer, elk, and moose
  • Loaded with calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients
  • No dyes, preservatives, or chemicals
  • All edges sanded smooth
  • Made in the USA

Antler chews are the single greatest tool in your arsenal of dog chew toys due to their low cost, reliability, and the overall healthiness they instill within man's best friend. They are jam packed with salubrious nutrients to aid in the building of strong teeth and bones and clean the dog’s gums with the mechanical action of chewing.


Dog Weight To Toy Size:
Mini - Dog Weight Under 10 Lbs
Small - Dog Weight 10-20 Lbs
Medium - Dog Weight 20-40 Lbs
Large - Dog Weight 40-70 Lbs
X-Large - Dog Weight 70-100 Lbs
Jumbo - Dog Weight 100-110 Lbs
Mega - Dog Weight 110+ Lbs

Customer Reviews

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Mrs. K
Dogs love them

My three medium size dogs really enjoy these. I enjoy them because they don't smell like other natural chewing products I give them. They fight over the deer antler.So far, none of them has tried to swallow them (looking at you Linus, the inhaler of Greenies). They're lasting a lot longer than most chewing treats.

Scout Leader
Delighted pup...

First off, I like these because the package states they have been harvested from naturally shed horn. I don�t know if that is really true, being the skeptic that I am, but it does make me feel better. Mr. Puppy does like to chew...fortunately on bones, horn and dried puzzle as opposed to his toys. He seems to enjoy having a choice of chewing surfaces such as what is offered in this pack. He doesn�t seem to prefer one over the others, which I interpret as his enjoyment of having different �chew� choices, whether it�s hardness, texture or taste differences that he enjoys, he likes them all. He is a medium size dog at 39 pounds, but like the large dog size chews very much. As with most chew products, keep an eye out when in use by your dog. You always want to watch for possible splintering, which, while rare, can occur. I also remove a chew that gets small enough to fit inside Mr. Puppy�s mouth with it closed. No choking on my watch!

Mrs. ChaCha
Great product

My dog had an antler that lasted for several months, so I was on the lookout for something similar. These are a good size and perfect for her needs. She has only just started on the moose antler and I can see that she really enjoys it.

Ron Killian
Good chews...

These are heavy duty chews and so far my great loves them. I do agree, dogs tend to like the marrow treat, which is not in these. I appreciate that there are no sharp edges, they have all been sanded smooth.Guess I don't totally understand this product, as it seems very pricey to me, for poet chews. Also, maybe it's me, but I don't like when a company calls their product perfect, nothing is perfect and that is also subjective. Maybe I am just being nit-picky.Overall, they are good chews and it looks like they will last along time, Would recommend for those reasons.

Craig Stephans
Dogs Love Them

The dogs cannot make up their mind which bone they like the best--usually it is the one the other dog has. These are pricey but I think worth the price, because they are large and thick and will last a while. The dogs will chew them for hours. They have great appeal for the dogs. They do initially create some mess as the dogs chew up the outer layer.