Elk Antler Dog Chew

Elk Antlers Are the Perfect Chew for Your Dog. The Center of an Elk Antler Is More Porous Than Deer Antler, and Allows Your Dog to More Easily Get a Taste of the Flavorful Center. Elk Antler Chews Are Completely Odorless and Are an Excellent Source of Calcium, Phosphorous, and Other Nutrients.

  • Loaded with calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients
  • Naturally shed from North American Elk
  • No dyes, preservatives, or chemicals
  • All edges sanded smooth
  • Made in the USA
Antler chews are the single greatest tool in your arsenal of dog chew toys due to their low cost, reliability, and the overall healthiness they instill within man's best friend. 

Antler To Dog Sizing Chart:
 Mini - Dog Weight Under 10 Lbs
Small - Dog Weight 10-20 Lbs
Medium - Dog Weight 20-40 Lbs
Large - Dog Weight 40-70 Lbs
X-Large - Dog Weight 70-100 Lbs
Jumbo - Dog Weight 100-110 Lbs
Mega - Dog Weight 110+ Lbs

    Once you have chosen what type of antler you want to get your dog, you need to then think about the size of the chew. We offer sizes for all dogs and this is a chart to give our customers a better understanding at what antlers they should be buying. Yes, you will save money by buying a smaller size but that is not what we recommend for your dogs safety. You want to make sure that the size you are buying is going to best fit your dog for his/her enjoyment . As with any consumable product, it is imperative that you supervise your pet while he or she enjoys their antler. Antler consumption should be gradual so it is very important that you choose an antler suit able to your dogs size and chewing habits. And remember split antlers are not intended for aggressive chewers.


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    Elk Deer Moose Split Assortment
    Dog Weight in LBS
    <10 LBS Mini Mini Mini Mini Mini
    10-20 LBS Small Small Small Medium Small
    20-30 LBS. Medium Medium Medium Large Medium
    30-40 LBS Medium Medium Medium XL Large
    40-50 LBS Large Large Large XL XL
    50-70 LBS Large Large Large Mega
    70-75 LBS XL XL XL Mega
    75-100 LBS XL XL XL
    100+ LBS Mega Mega Mega

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    Amanda Stroud

    I was very happy with the order I received. My puppy was as well. Shipping was out of this world fast! I will be placing another order soon!