Perfect Pet Chews


Medium Economy Antler Dog Chew

Our economy Antlers products are a nutrient rich, cost-effective way to satisfy your dog’s desire to chew. They may have cracks and feel a bit drier than our premium Perfect Pet Chews products. They are made from “C” grade antlers and may not last as long, but still provide the same nutritional and dental benefits for your dog.  

  • Measures 4-8" around the curve and is ideal for dogs 20-40 lbs
  • Loaded with calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients
  • Made with C or 3 grade deer and elk antler
  • No dyes, preservatives, or chemicals
  • All edges sanded smooth
  • Made in the USA

Antler chews are the single greatest tool in your arsenal of dog chew toys due to their low cost, reliability, and the overall healthiness they instill within man's best friend.

Dog Weight to Antler Size Chart:
Mini - Dog Weight Under 10 Lbs
Small - Dog Weight 10-20 Lbs
Small Long - Dog Weight 15-35 Lbs
Medium - Dog Weight 20-40 Lbs
Large - Dog Weight 40-70 Lbs
X-Large - Dog Weight 70-100 Lbs
Mega - Dog Weight Over 100 Lbs 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
KK Lawhon
My Go-To For My Fur Babies

My two that lov to chew love these. I can give each of them one the same size and they'll still pick a favorite and fight over it daily until it is such a small nub that I toss it. THEN, the other one becomes invaluable all of a sudden. LOL. Either way, these are the best antlers at the most reasonable price!

They're delicious!

My Zuchon boys (Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu) love these so much! We have only had them a day and they are very happy with them. They have been busy chewing all afternoon. I guess they taste good??? Lol They are typically pretty needy dogs In the attention dept. but today they entertained themselves :) I believe they will last a long time and so far they seem safe.

Worth keeping these in supply

This is a pic of what's left of one after 2 weeks. My Sassy loves these. Spends alot of time coming and nawing.

Chloe McElroy
Definitely worth it!!

My babe Wall�E loves deer antlers! But they are so pricey in the stores. This is a great value for the quality you getting!

Trishia b
Better than rawhide

The last antler he had, he chewed it all the way down to an inch. He loves them.