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Large Economy Antler Dog Chew

Our Economy Antlers products are a nutrient rich, cost-effective way to satisfy your dog’s desire to chew. They may have cracks and feel a bit drier than our premium Perfect Pet Chews products. They are made from “C” grade antlers and may not last as long, but still provide the same nutritional and dental benefits for your dog.  

  • Measures 4-8" around the curve and is ideal for dogs 40-70 lbs
  • Loaded with calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients
  • Made with C or 3 grade deer and elk antler
  • No dyes, preservatives, or chemicals
  • All edges sanded smooth
  • Made in the USA

Antler chews are the single greatest tool in your arsenal of dog chew toys due to their low cost, reliability, and the overall healthiness they instill within man's best friend.

Dog Weight to Antler Size Chart:
Mini - Dog Weight Under 10 Lbs
Small - Dog Weight 10-20 Lbs
Small Long - Dog Weight 15-35 Lbs
Medium - Dog Weight 20-40 Lbs
Large - Dog Weight 40-70 Lbs
X-Large - Dog Weight 70-100 Lbs
Mega - Dog Weight Over 100 Lbs 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazon Customer
Good size

Bigger than expected for my small dog by it reviews led me to believe they might be smaller than they are.

Good Quality

These are good quality and the size was perfect for my Frenchy and Mastiff.

Stephanie Kiehl
Best value I could find

Great value for money, and the dogs love them. Very happy with this purchase!

Susan dillingham
fast service

our dog loves antlers, and with the covid19 , this is the only way to get them since they are not at the pet stores. thank you so much

Corgi loves so much I bought a second pack!

I have an 11 year old corgi who is a BIG chewer, and over the years I�ve discovered she�s partial to antlers over traditional beef bones or hooves. These immediately piqued my interest given the great price. My corgi is on the larger side for her breed (just over 40lb) so I opted to get her the �large� size pack of three (I�d been toying with XL but reading the other reviews convinced me the large would be sufficient).These arrived in lightening speed and upon opening the package I was beyond delighted. These antlers are MASSIVE! I pulled one out for my girl and she went right to work chewing it. She definitely seems to like the flavor. It�s been a couple weeks now and she�s barely made a dent in the first one. I�ve gotten her some antlers in the past (split) and for some reason she was able to chew out the interior and actually start breaking the antler down in large chunks. Thankfully this was NOT the case with these; they are truly long lasting.I�ve been so impressed with the durability of These antlers I ordered a second pack. At about $8 each when you break the cost down, they are a STEAL! I�d been paying about $14 for similar sized single antlers in the past.Overall, I can�t recommend this item enough! If she ever gets through the six I bought her, I know exactly where I�m coming to get more!