Why Antler Pet Chews Are Preferable For Your Dog

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Dog owners are slowly beginning to realize the incredible advantage of giving their dogs traditional pet chews. There is more of an advantage if these pet chews come from a deers antlers. Most deers are naturally shedding their antlers multiple times a year. Consequently most of these antlers are found and used in various ways, from creating unique art crafts to homemade furniture. Additionally, these antlers can also be used to make incredible and natural pet chews for dogs. Using antlers as pet chews has been well received by dogs everywhere. For the most part the antler bone is very solid and therefore can not be broken easily which makes it last for an extended amount of time.

There is a great healthy advantage to chewing antler chews for the dog. Antler chews are primarily bone and like any bone they are full of calcium and essential vitamins that will enrich a dog's health. Antlers also have no preservatives because they are all natural, therefore no process has artificially colors or flavors them. These chews, unlike traditional pet chews, have a natural odor. Most dogs have an innate nature to find and consistently chew bones in order to sharpen their teeth. It serves as an exercise for them on a daily basis. By giving them the most natural chews they need, they will be able to get the physical exercise they need for their jaws and teeth along with the much needed vitamins and minerals. Antler chews are also available in natural varieties including moose, elk and deer's antlers, which all hold the same benefit but may carry a slightly different natural odor to your pet.

Antler chews are soft on the inside which add to the natural taste that the dog is experiencing. It's important to note that if the dog is very aggressive with chewing, the owner will need to make sure they limit how many antlers the dog chews per day. They will not want to run the risk of breaking their teeth if they happen to chew too hard. Most antler chews are very inexpensive and thus dog owners are finding they can buy them in bulk and because they last so long this is both a great health and economical return for their dogs. Perfectpetchews.com will provide your dog with these long lasting and highly preferably antler pet chews.

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