Ten Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Teaching your dog basic commands is essential for a well behaved pup. Many dog owners want to move beyond the basic commands and teach their dogs entertaining tricks. Teaching a dog with treats will aid in the mastering of these commands.

Back Up/Move to the Side First make sure your dog is in the standing position, and walk straight towards your dog. Most dogs will have a natural reaction of taking a few steps backwards. When teaching this command, approach your dog casually and calmly. When the dog does not naturally walk backwards try using a leash and practicing in a narrow hallway.

Circle/Spins This command is very easy to teach. Place a treat in your hand a few inches from the nose of the dog and slowly move your hand to the tail of the dog. You can teach a dog to spin in different directions by teaching them different commands.

Take a Bow Start with the dog in a stand position, and with a treat in hand, move your hand slowly from the dogs nose to the ground. The natural instict is to keep their behind in the air.

Shake Paws Have you dog sit, and with one hand lift one paw off the floor, and shake the paw. Reward the movement, with treats until the dog puts paw in your empty hand.

Roll Over Have your dog lay down and guide the dog with a treat to lay on their back and down to the side again.

Play Dead Once roll over is mastered you can teach your dog to play dead by adding the stay command to the roll over command

Wave Master the shake paws command first and stand away from the dog when commanding the dog to shake paws.

Sit Up This command starts in a basic sit and moving a treat above the dog until they lift their front legs of the ground.

Nudge Teaching your dog to hit you with their nose and then show you want they want. This command is easily taught by bring a treat to the dogs nose and then to your body. Then asking where is or what do you want?

Kiss This command is taught best by using peanut butter and put a dot of it on your skin and letting your dog lick it.

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