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September 30, 2020 2 min read

Dog owners know their dogs love to chew. Chewing is a natural way for dogs to clean their teeth, as well as being an instinct carried over from their wild ancestors. If that, otherwise, perfect pooch does not have a suitable bone or toy to chew on, the owner may find their favorite pair of shoes chewed up instead.

Unfortunately, when dog owners give beef, pork or poultry bones to their four-legged friend, splintering occurs and is dangerous to the pet's internal organs. Punctured stomach and intestinal linings need emergency trips to a veterinarian. The worry, cost and time are just not worth it when a better alternative is easy to buy.

Perfect Pet Chews are the best replacement for anyone's dog, whether it is a St. Bernard or a Chihuahua. Antler bone is 100 percent all-natural with the scent that dogs love. Moose, elk and deer shed their antlers every year, leaving them on the ground for harvesting. Antlers need no treatment except for cutting to size. Antler bone is solid all the way through, unlike meat bones that have soft marrow in the middle.

Your pet gets the benefit of calcium and minerals without the danger of it breaking into shards, which can cut. Antler Pet Chews last longer, as well, and do not contain artificial dyes or preservatives, making them far superior to rubber chew toys. Studies prove that many pet products on the market contain toxic chemicals that will leach out over time, thereby, entering your dog's system.

Vegetarians also appreciate the fact that antlers are shed by living animals, unlike dried pig ears or beef leather dog chews. All dogs will love having their own antler chew for hours of happy chewing. Perfect Pet Chews come individually or in packages, and sizes are available for every breed of dog.

Moreover, antler pet chews are cleaner and leave no residue like some meat bones. Perfect Pet Chews are a great way to keep a dog busy while the owner runs in the store, whether tying their pet outside or leaving him for a few minutes in a ventilated car. Perfect Pet Chews also make appreciated gifts!

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