Picking the Right Pet Chew for Your Pet

September 30, 2020 2 min read

When you first bring that little ball of fur home, the excitement and joy of watching their little antics are soon overshadowed by the fact that those little bundles are a four pawed garbage disposal. As puppies, much like human babies, they teethe continuously for approximately six months. This process helps their teeth develop and ease the soreness that is constantly present in their gums. As with human babies, there are good things and bad things for your new puppy to teethe on.

Some of the things that some professionals agree are within reason for your new puppy to chew on are: DentaStix, Kongs, Rawhides, Rubber toys, Braided Nylon Rope Bones, Gumma Bones and GET Hextra Chews or Veggie Dents. Now, this is not a list that all professionals agree on, but a vast majority seem to think that these are the best examples of what your pet would benefit from. Now mind you, where there are a list of good things, there is a list of bad things as well.

Some of the things that some professionals agree are not beneficial to give your pet to chew on are: Real meat bones, Rocks, Hooves, Nylon Bones, Pressed Rawhide, Antlers, Tennis Balls and this goes without saying, gum. This is a limited list and there are likely others that could be added to this as well.

Well after the teething stage, adult dogs tend to continue to chewing trend, for any number of reasons. Chewing is essential in adults as well, but destructive chewing can and should be monitored and deterred. Allowing your adult dog to chew is essential in that it keeps their teeth clean, their gums healthy and helps to eliminate the build up of bacteria that could cause "puppy breath".

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