Deer Antler Dog Chews: Natural, Easy & Economical

September 30, 2020 2 min read

More dog lovers are joining in on the growing trend of giving their dogs all-natural dog chews made of deer antlers instead of traditional chew toys.

In the days of the booming plastic dog toy market, dogs were given artificial, plastic hew toys loaded will all manner of toxins and other unpleasantness. Dogs were handed frisbees, squeakers, plastic chew toys, and fabricated bones, but something was missing. They made due with what they had, however, until the awakening of a burgeoning trend in dog toys emerged. Antler chews have conceivably been around following before history had even been recorded. Dogs might meander the woods and find shed antlers or those left by primitives simply stripped the carcass of its meat and left the rest of the animal. There's absolutely nothing unnatural or fabricated about this extraordinary chew toy.

The greatest concern about antler chew toys, is the fear of them splintering off into a dogs mouth causing dental harm and even death. Contrary to popular belief antler chew toys don't splinter or chip, very seldomly crack and never cause any tummy trouble. They are jam packed with salubrious nutrients to aid in the building of strong teeth and bones and clean the dogs gums with the mechanical action of chewing.

The bottom line, is that deer antler chew toys are the single greatest tool in your arsenal of dog chew toys, due to their low cost, reliability, and the overall healthiness they instill within man's best friend. Though some naysayers purport cracking bones and dog deaths, these are most likely underhanded scare tactics from the waning commercial dog toy industry. Dogs who chew deer antlers are happier, healthier, and generally more resemblant of their hearty ancestors who chewed deer antlers left by primitive man some thousand years ago.

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