Chewing for a Healthier Bunny

September 30, 2020 2 min read

All animals have a natural tendency for chewing. Rabbits are no stranger to the chewing behavior. They love to sit and chew. And if you own a rabbit and give your rabbit the freedom outside of its cage to run around, you'll soon find out how much they love to chew. Moldings around the room, wood furniture and even leather shoes can become the best loved chew toy for any rabbit.

Why do rabbits like to chew so much?

Chewing is good for rabbits. Everyone knows the catchphrase, "chew on this." Just like we've adapted the phrase to give our listeners something to think about, the act of chewing keeps a rabbit's mind occupied. By keeping a rabbit's mind occupied, you are alleviating the rabbit from boredom, especially if the rabbit is single and often left alone during the day while the owner is at school or work. Keeping a rabbit's mind active will lead to a healthier, happier rabbit.

Another reason chewing is good for a rabbit is because a rabbit's teeth are constantly growing to a point where, if not controlled, their teeth can overgrow and inhibit a rabbit's ability to eat. To help rabbit teeth from overgrowing, allowing the rabbit to indulge in some healthy chewing, will naturally wear the teeth down.

What are some ways to promote healthy chewing habits for rabbits?

The best way is to purchase a chew toy for your rabbit. If you are a pet owner, you'll be happy to learn that there are many great alternatives to use as chew toys for rabbits.

An alternative is the bunny bites deer antlers. Perfect Pet Chews offers a wide range of deer antlers to satisfy all of your pets' chewing needs. Bunny Bites are the perfect rabbit chew toys and they provide just the right amount of distraction from destructive chewing while keeping your rabbit's teeth in shape and maintaining a healthy, happy habit of chewing. Bunny Bites also offer a more interesting alternative than just regular sticks of wood sold in pet stores, which will keep your bunny's mind occupied. Bunny Bites are also rich with minerals and calcium to keep the rabbit health.

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