September 11, 2019 2 min read

Pet owners agonize over what the best food is for their dog or other pet, but what about their favorite toy? Should it not be rustic and natural, as well? Mans best friend deserves the best that man can provide for it. In the case of something to spend hours gnawing to bits, it's deer antlers.

We offers a wide variety of chewable goodies for your dog, or even your smaller pet that likes to chew. Antlers are better for your dog than typical bones because they are not as easily broken and so man won't have to clean up splintered pieces that his best friend left behind. They also do not have a scent to humans, but the different varieties of antlers, whether elk, deer, or moose, have different scents that your dog will go after for hours.

They are rich in calcium and other minerals and so improve your pets health while they enjoy chewing. And because there are no dyes or preservatives, you can know that you are giving your pet the natural chew toy exactly the way it was made to be. If the antlers aren't your dogs first choice, there are rope toys available as well. Who wouldn't want to play tug of war with a nice antler piece dangling form the end? If given the choice between something that squeaks at him and something that makes him wild and free, I'm sure any dog would choose to feel the way they were meant to.

All around, dog toys made from antlers are the best and most natural choice for your pet. They will enjoy their new gift while you, their best friend, can know that your money was well invested into his health and entertainment.

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