Antler Dog Chews Outlast All Others

September 30, 2020 2 min read

There are many types of dog chews you can choose from for your canine companions, but few last as long or have as many benefits as antler chews. All dogs have a natural drive to chew on animal bone, but most of the bones you buy have a soft center where the bone marrow resides so they don't last as long and they splinter. Antler chews on the other hand are solid bone all the way through. This makes them one of the longest lasting chews you can purchase for your animals. They will provide a long lasting and all natural chew for your dogs to enjoy.

Animals like deer, elk, and moose all shed their antlers regularly so new larger ones can grow in. This means that antler chews are one of the few real bone options for chew toys that don't require harming an animal to acquire. Dogs love the scent of antler chews and each species they are collected from have their own unique scent for your dog to enjoy. However antler chews are virtually scentless to humans, so you don't have to suffer through the awful smell that many dog chews emit.

Your dog may prefer the scent of one type of antler chew over others, so it is good to experiment with a few different types to figure out which kind your dog likes best. They can be obtained in all kinds of sizes, so you can find the right chew for a tiny terrier or a great dane. Some companies even sell antler disks for rodents to wear their teeth down on. Antler chews have healthy minerals like calcium in them that are great for your dogs health, plus they are good for your dogs teeth too. Antler chews will help wear plaque and buildup off of your dogs teeth while keeping them content and amused.

Antler chews are generally a little more pricy than other chews, but they make up for it in the much longer time they take to wear down. Chances are you would spend more money on constantly replacing other chews in the time that it takes a dog to wear down one antler chew than you would if you just bought one antler chew for your dog. If you haven't tried antler chews for your dog, I would highly recommend you try experiencing the difference. Chances are you will never go back to regular chews again.

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