Antler Chewing Bones for Dogs

September 30, 2020 2 min read

Antler chewing bones for dogs.

What Is it?

Antler chewing bones are essentially the antlers that deer, moose, and elk shed each and every year condensed into a chewable treat that your pet can enjoy. These antlers are North American bone and completely free of any paints, additives, or harmful chemicals. It's important to realize that our dogs natural instinct is to hunt down and find bones in the wild to chew on. These antlers are essentially animal bones but they lack a soft center that can be full of bacteria and harmful diseases should they be found in the wild. With antlers, they're solid all the way through and nearly impossible for a dog to crack or break.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely! As stated before, these bones are solid all the way through and contain vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the growth and health of your animals. Rest assured that these antlers are naturally farmed and no animals were hurt during the gathering of said antlers. Not to mention, these nutrients your animals are receiving are coming from an all natural source and do not contain any aftermarket additives or special treatments. These antlers will help clean your dog's teeth, strengthen their mouth, and help their bodies grow and repair damage as they get older.

Why Do I Need These?

It's important to realize that a dog becomes more of a family member rather than just an animal that happens to live under your roof. Dogs have a laundry list of health problems that come on as they get older and it's critical to tackle these problems head on before they come into play. With the vitamins and nutrients that are contained in these antlers, your dog will be healthy and happy for a long time to come.

On top of that, these antler bones are completely customizable to the needs and sizes of your dogs. There are antler sizes from dogs as small as 10 pounds and under and all the way up to over 100 pounds! No matter the size, shape, or breed of your dog, there is an antler that can suit your dogs needs! Not to mention, these antlers are completely odorless and do not contain any special color or dye that will stain or stink up your household! This is reason enough to chose an antler chew bone for your dog!

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